About Ryan

Originally from Orange, Connecticut, Ryan moved to Cincinnati in 2015, only to return to CT to earn his BFA in Musical Theatre from Western Connecticut State University in May of 2021. His rich, Josh Groban-like baritone voice leads Ryan to an interest in all eras of theatre, from operettas (he's currently obsessed with Candide) all the way to contemporary musical theatre. You can check out examples of his work here.

In addition to acting for the theatre, Ryan is interested in voiceover work, including for commercials and audiobooks. Probably due to dyslexia, Ryan has narrated books since he was little; definitely leading him to a performatative career. When not performing, Ryan loves to read, bake, and play videogames (he's just finishing the Danganronpa series and loving it). His ability to hyperfocus leads him into many different hobbies, including learning the basics of coding for this website.


Ryan's Résumé


Hey, all! As I learn to code, I'm going to be adding more to this site. It's a miracle I figured out how to embed YouTube videos here...hey, speaking of which, why not check out my YouTube channel. Most of my stuff is unlisted (personal guff, you know?), but, hey, maybe they'll be listed here, someday! While you're at it...subscribing is always nice, not that it helps me financially or anything!


Ryan isn't in anything right now

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Ryan is not currently scheduled to appear in any upcoming plays. However, Ryan is constantly working and is probably researching or creating at this very moment. Whether it's building this website, writing, researching, or training, Ryan is constantly at work.


My contact page is in the works, but I've got a plan...I've got a plan.
If you need to get in contact with me right away, follow me on one of my various social medias, below!